Oil oozing at clutch actuator 94 xr600

HI all

My brother and i purchased 2 XR 600's last week. His is a 1994 model. After two rides we noticed that there's oil oozing out of the clutch actuator (?) where it enters the case cover. Is there a seal we can replace? Thanks for the help to a newb.

Yes, there is.

Since I'm the brother in question, can I follow up on the reply? Is it just a seal issue, or am I likely to find it's a bigger issue like a bent shaft, or.....?


most likely it's just the seal as cleonard stated.

Does it work?

Does it leak less than a drip?

---> don't mess with it!

My philosophy, anyway.


Tampering with it could make it worse.

You guys are like me and my bro....we both ride 600's:thumbsup: :thumbsup::busted:

That's my kind of advice: do nothing!

Well, I'll probably ignore it for another ride, to see if it gets any worse. Thanks.

Take it to an authorized Honda dealer and have them fix it. If you do it yourself, you will have to pull the stator cover and reseal that gasket as well. If you do it and it still leaks (believe me it can), then you have to do it all over again until it is fixed. If you let them do it, then it is their responsibility.

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