aluminium "bark buster" installation

I am going to install new hand guards. I was curious to know what you do with the end of the grips? How to cut them especially on the throttle side(throttle tube)?If anyone has pics of theirs that would be helpful

I don't have pictures but I used a box knife to cut the end of the grips off. I used a drill and a unibit (or step bit) to "hollow-out" the end of the throttle tube so that there is no chance of it hanging up on the bar insert...


Get a piece of pipe appx the diameter of your handlebars and sharpen the end like a chisel and use it to "punch" a hole in the grip.

Or you can buy some bar end caps, they usually come with a plastic thing-a-ma-jig like described above to cut the end of the grips.


Just hit the end of the bar with a rubber mallet, it will cut them nicely. On the throttle side this only works if you have already modified it for bar ends. A dremmel tool works nicely as well.

I like to leave at least some of the ridge area on the throttle tube, as oppossed to cutting the end off completely, which allows dirt to (more easily) find its way between tube and bar. I just make a hole big enough to clear the insert, then I shave the grip off with an exacto.

Has anyone else found the brake line & reservoir interfere on the throttle side? If so did you have to modify the guard? :)

Depending on your lever position preference there may not be much you can do about this. I like mine so low that the front brake line is actually under the bark buster.

The inner triple clamp mounts give you more room to work with than inner bar mounts, and are better in several other ways also (of course you got to pay sixty bucks for 'em). OTOH since you can't rotate them like a bar mount I guess in this area they may be worse.

You can bend the brake line SLIGHTLY and also change its angle a bit by moving it at the fitting.

You can rotate the inner mount and live with the guard being a bit too low. Remember, if brush is an issue you want the shield to be pretty low, just covering your knuckles by about an inch since your fingers are usually below the bar and that is the direction most brush is coming from (the bottom instead of over the top).

Hope this helps.

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