Sorry, but I have to ask......

I am looking to purchase a 2-stoke in the future and I'm wonder if there are any other forums like this for 2-strokes? Yes, I'm still keeping my YR for woods and such, but I am playing with the idea of maybe getting a 2-stroke for MX. Thanks!


No, but there should be. Maybe Steve and Brian could help. What do you think of... WhinerTalk, BuzzerTalk, SmokerTalk, BrapperTalk.

just get a 250f and then you can still get info here. plus you know smoking causes :) has a couple of forums, including 2 and 4 stroke forums. They kinda suck in comparison to this though! :)

brian and steve shouldn't help. this is THUMPERTALK. thumper, four stroke. LOL

I have a feeling ther wont start up a 2 smoke site. But i did see a KTM300 that a guy was lugging like a thumper. I was inpressed.

I have a 2000 YZ 250 for sale...$3800

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