WR 400/426/450 headlight interchangeability

I am going to pick up an 05 WR450 that the guy coverted into a YZ look-a-like. There is no front headlight assembly or rear brake light. Can anyone tell me if the headlight unit assembly including the light and the plastic are interchangeable on the 400/426/450? Did they change anything through the years? Thanks for the help

for the most part yes...there was a guy not to long ago who put an 07 head light on his 06. if anything the plug will be the only that is different but it should bolt up with little to no mods

Here is the thread about the newer light on the older bikes. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=564670

The WR's came with the tailight that has the capability to be a stop light as well but there was no wiring to complete that connection. If your not dual sporting the bike then just put on one of those cheap driving lights from an auto parts store.


WR Dave.

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