Who rides in New England?


Any of you guys over here ride in New England? Seems like everyone is from the west or the south! :D Someone was from Boston, forget who though. Also, where the f is it legal to ride in NE? Anyone? :)

Hey.. I live in easturn NY. ride NEMX on occation...!!

I'm in southern NH. There is some riding around here but I don't know how legal it is. I have pretty much given up on non-organized trail riding. I race NESC a bunch, an ocasional hare scramble, and a couple NETRA turkry runs.

You should try to make it to the Loudon Classic turkey run during bike week. It's 2 days of about 100 miles each day. Maybe you already knew about it.....



You are just up the road from me!!

I live off of 43, one mile south of Rt 4. Old Mountain Road is on the west side of 43, go to the top, and I am just past the apex! It is a large blue Colonial Garrison.

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There is an OHV park west of Concord, NH, Clough State Park.

You DO need a NH off road sticker.

Southeastern Connecticut.

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