E-Mailing companies. The good, bad, and the ugly

On a post about a Ty Davis product some people were upset because they did not receive a response to their e-mails from the company. I know how you feel. When I don’t receive a response (as in sidewinder) I will not due business with that company. Now I am thinking that might be ridiculous but for sure what is not ridiculous is the problems we TT’s have with poor or incorrect products, or service from some companies. I always appreciate the info on this site that gives me a warning. My record with Ty Davis was 2 phone calls for tech help, both answered by Ty’s mechanic, 2 e-mails, both answered. When I asked sidewinder why they did not answer my e-mail they did not seem to care. I work for a 2,400 store automotive chain (think lifetime mufflers) and if you e-mail them about one of the stores if it is in my group you better believe I will hear about it and I am required to answer it in 24 hours. If we can do it with all those stores anyone can if they care about customer service. When I purchased a camera over the Internet there was a review button and I could read about other people who had ordered the products from different companies. I learned which companies not to deal with. I wish we could all gather our information about companies, products and problems on this site. We have the power if we could unite.

Hey levy1!

I agree. The Aussie site had an excellent forum discussion regarding opinions and experiences at dealerships. Great read! Funny stories, good ideas. I believe it may have been a truly concerned dealer that asked for the information and opinions. Shrewd move. His 'customer satisfaction' survey cost him nothing and gained him the truth.

I have yet to buy any product for my WR that hasn't been tested and discussed on this forum. No single source has this much experience and information available for the asking. Yamaha and others should be paying Bryan and Steve! You can bet their advertisers get my first priority.


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