Changing Header

I know this is a dumb question, but my mechanical knowledge is'nt quite up to par with some of the people on this board. Anyway I want to put a new header on and it seems pretty cramped up the front. Can it be done with out removing the radiator, and what are you using? I just have the standard socket set and ratchet. I know thats really all I need but I just don't seem to have the room to get good leverage.

The header is easy to take off. First remove the tail section of the pipe. Remove seat, #plate, unbolt tail section and remove. I can't remember the size of the allen bolt on the header, but I think the nut is 12mm. Simply unbolt it and remove it. Those bolts aren't on there very tight, and the torque spec for instalation is not much. (I can't remember it without looking at the manual)

The only special tool you need is an allen wrench.

Piece of cake...did mine not long ago. It looks cramped but an allen socket on an extension will just fit. No need to remove the radiator. Give it a shot, it's no big deal...good luck.

Just got done changing header, you're right piece of cake. I don't know what I was thinking when I was looking at it the first time. Just a little intimidated since I've never really worked on bikes. Now I'm ready for the next job, one more thing I can chalk up on my list of things I've done.

Any of you guys want to sell me your stock header with heat shield?

No need to take the radiator off. You may want to have a spare gasket on hand, it's tricky to re-use the old one. They damage quite easy.

tk421 - thats funny, i just took mine off the other day as it is dented and i didn't see any gasket!? I thought it quite odd. I'll have another look though.

Wyatt - FYI, I didn't need to take the tail section off at all, just loosen the clamp and header bolts and with a little fanagling, wha la.

I didn't have a gasket either. I had the dealer but on the pipe (powercore4) and when I took the header off, no gasket. It's a pretty tight fit though. I got the header off without removing pipe but when I went to put the new one on it was a pretty snug fit, so I took off the pipe and had to work it in together. Will it make any difference with out the gasket.

tk421, i noticed the link you gave us was for an 01. i dunno if the 02 is different? i wouldn't think so but who knows. mmbasa said he didn't have one on his 02 either. i like that site in your link. Does anybody else think yamaha is totally high for charging $200+ for a stock header? My local dealer wanted $275 - I nearly had a fit and fell back in it!

mmbasa, does the powerbomb fit the stock tail pipe (USA)?

The gasket is overkill with an open exhaust (YZ or after market). I guess YAMAHA was wise to use it with the plugged up stock WR muffler, can you imagine all the back pressure?

BlueByU, Is your dealer charging you full retail? That doesn’t sound good. Our dealer here cuts us a little slack. I priced a titanium sub frame today. It retailed for $480 and my dealer said I could get it for $400.

If anyone needs a stock like new 02 WR subframe (steel), I would be interested in selling mine.

No the local dealer will usually cut some slack on the larger $$ items. The small stuff is usually not discounted though. I found a mom and pop shop through a riding buddy who only charges 10% over cost on parts and accessories for us. I think that is one helluva deal most times.

Those spendy NGK plugs really honk my nuts! Almost five bucks a piece! :) I’ve been trying the Autolites at Advanced Auto, only $1.20 a piece.

you guys better check for a gasket again,but this time stick your finger inside exhaust port and feel where header flange meets should be able to feel gasket and pull it out.most of time gasket doesnt fall out when you change header and carbon buildup makes it look like part of head.

Just checked the header, run my finger all around the inside and no gasket. Could the dealer have forgot to replace it when the first put on pipe? Do we need it on aftermarket head and pipe, the fit is pretty snug.

Yes, the I think the powerbomb will fit on a stock pipe I checked the headers and the diameters are the same.

the bike comes stock with header gasket but im not sure if some aftermarket header applications dont require gasket.i know that on a 2stroke and im pretty sure it would be the same on 4 stroke the distance from exhaust port to first bend it pipe will have major affect on your without headgasket you would be shortening distance to bend in pipe by 3mm.i dont know if that would really effect motor performance or not.

There is a gasket on the front of the header, where the pipe meets the engine. But the back end where the two pipes come together, there was no gasket. If there was anything in there to extend the length, even a small distance, I think that the pipes wouldn't fit just right. I dunno just an observation, maybe I should give FMF a call and see what they ahve yo say.

i thought you were talking about front gasket.if you are using fmf header with fmf silencer you dont need gasket that joins header to silencer.they are made to fit together without gasket.

I installed today Acrapovic titanium evolution system on a friends WR and they supplied special ceramic grease to grease the surface where the header and silencer fit together. They say that this grease will not allow the material to wear out because of the vibration.

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