Converting WR for motocross use. WR to YZ....

Has anyone done this? How does the bike handle an MX track. Does the headlight/odo come off cleanly? Will a YZ fender and plate go on easily?

Thanks for any help.


Yes everything will fit nicely. When you tak off the odo you need to close the opening on the hub where the cable was attached. i think that I have seen a threaded plug for that try

The wr is ok on the mx track. I went that way last year but I am upgrading to the yz450. When you start doing some of the bigger jumps the suspension just cant keep up. Either you spend the $$$ and have the forks worked or upgrade the bike. The yz timing mod will help you there also, it seemed to help the bike rev quicker and added a little bit more punch. It actually handled everything else really well. If you are doing 50/50 trails/mx it is a perfect bike. But if you are thinking about doing 90% of your riding on the track then get the yzf.

Wish you had been around last summer. I have been converting my YZ to a WR. Could of traded bikes! Have fun!

My son and I have some our best times at the track on the WR's.

I always turn on the lights for grins.

I can't wait to make them street legal.

We can ride up to the track, have some fun, and get a good ride on our way home.

I wouldn't go so far as to say it's in the hunt with a late model 2 stroke 250. With the average rider on board, like me, 250's are easier to ride faster on a track.

WR's really show their weight and topheavyness in the tight turns. They jump well up to a certain extent but some high jump, hard landings will introduce your chinguard to the crossbar pad.

There no doubt it would make a better bike for MX than a KDX, XR, or DRZ.

I made this conversion and it has worked great for me so far. The two biggest inprovements I made where the suspension and yz seat and tank combo. I had my suspension done by Race tech and feel it is very inportant from a safety stand piont if you plan on jumping all the jumps at the tracks. The seat and tank make the bike turn and handle like a whole differnt machine my only regret here was that I waited awhile to make this cange, if done sooner it would have saved me picking my self up off the ground on a lot of corners. Changing the stock pipe not only will give you better power but can shave a couple of pounds up high, a definate help. I left my timeing and jetting stock and I still seem to consistantly get hole shots even on the long starts such as Glen Helen.I have found that I can be faster with a little smother power delivery than when my bike is set for max hit. Good luck and be safe!!! :)

To convert my street legal WR for track use I simply unbolt the UFO rear underfender taillight & licence plate(this is a YZ style rear fender with enduro fender underneath). Unbolt the headlight and replace with a numberplate. Unbolt the kickstand. Set the suspension clickers a few clicks stiffer front and rear. Slide my Panoram speedo/odo off. Thats it, takes about 10 minutes. Bike looses 5-10 pounds.

My bike get's riden on the track 99.9% of the time and does just fine, I sometimes wished I would have left the lights on and then on the starting line, I'd ask the guy next to me where the first check point is :)


Thanks for everyones advice. I'm looking forward to trying my new WR on the track!


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