Help in obtaining Yamaha promotional goodies...

I have been browsing the US Yamaha website, and they have some nice jackets and stuff, which I know we will never get here in Australia.

What I was hoping to find out was the name of a Yamaha Dealer that either has a large range of this sort of shirt/jacket/promo items in stock, or is happy to order it in, and one that gives a good price as well.

It would be ideal if the dealer would ship it direct to me, but I can get it sent to a friend in California if need be... and she can post it on, unless anyone else is offering to be my agent for a small fee... :)

A website for such a dealer would be excellent, a e-mail address would be good, and a telephone number would be more than adequate.

Any thoughts, experiences or ideas more than welcome. reply here or PM me, whatever...


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