There's traction in SoCal!

And no dust... WOO-HOO! :thumbsup:

I woke up this morning to the sound of pitter-patter on the roof and figured it would go away in a minute or two, but it's been over half an hour and there's still this wet stuff.... kinda like water, but I'm not sure.... falling from the sky.

Wait, I remember now.....RAIN! It's rain!

Just in time for me to test now that I've uncorked, jetted, and piped my pig! :ride::lol::worthy:

Traction, no dust, probably won't be anyone else on the trails....... I think I need to have a private moment with myself right now.:busted:

Now I just need to come up with a scheme on how to get away to do it.:busted:

where do you go riding? the only place for me right now, since Rowher Flats is closed, would be Hungry Valley.


Start driving north and eventually you'll get to endless rain:p :thumbsup:

I'm still waiting for the rain to hit our dez, hurry!

well guys.... I got called off of work this morning because of rain.... So I filled up the Camel-pack, grabbed my I-pod and put on some rain gear. Just got back from a 51.5 mile loop out in my stomping grounds here North of Phoenix, Can't say it was all that bad to have to ride today... The only problem is when it's coming down really hard it kinda stings your face when you go to fast....High class problem I guess!!!!

Oh, yeah. THAT'S what it is. Rain!

I forgot, too.

It's raining like a big dog now, tomorrow's ride and Sunday's race are gonna be real good.

I woke up at about 4:45 this morning to the sound of rain also. Unfortunately it also meant I was gong outside at 4:50am to put a tarp over one of my car's engine compartments because the hood is off. :thumbsup:

I have a brand new Maxxis IT Cross rear tire that would be loving the wet dirt right now.

How'd this miss me?!!! :thumbsup:

Reno got snow, SoCal got soaked - we're still dry as a bone :busted:

The storm came out of the south instead of the usual northwest direction. We only got a little bit at my house which is just north of hungry valley. However this morning it was 18 bone chilling degrees at about 5700 feet. Not much more on the horizon for storms in central and so cal. Maybe late next week.

Aw, 18° in Frazier isn't too bad. It took 0° temps to start breaking pipes here. :thumbsup:

The ride was good today. Hope the dirt lasts another weekend.

Didn't get the chance to go riding on Friday. No big deal though, 'cause it rained pretty much all day, even into the night.

This morning I installed a set of Race Tech springs (heavier) in my forks and went out riding. :thumbsup:

The trails were absolutely awesome. Lots of traction, no dust... I had a ball.

Only problem is that I put too much preload on my new fork springs (cut the spacers too long) and pretty much beat my wrists, forearms and triceps to mush, feelin' it in my shoulders, too.


I live in the Inland Empire, and I've got a few areas within about 10 miles of my home where I can ride without getting hassled...... so far.

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