'07 Starter Burned Out

Just A 4 Months Old Bike, 1000 Ml. And No Starter. Dealer Said When He Opened It, It Looked Like A 20 Y/o Starter , Totaly Burned Out. Never Saw Anything Like It Before. No Warrantee Of Course, Sounds Familiar? Any Suggestions?

We don't get any warranty here either!

It's nice to know that we're all getting screwed equally!

I have spoken to Yamaha Aust and i am argueing that a burnt out starter is not fair wear after 1200 kms, even if it isn't out of warranty.

I have another source that they replaced his free for him after he threatened to start bagging them out about it.

Unfortunatly the 07 is begining to look a lot like the 03 in terms of starter issues.


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