powerbomb header review

installed powerbomb header on wr timed wr400... <font color="yellow"> WOW!!!:)

<font color="black"> two thumbs up (and a right wrist twisted back) :D

this thing rips now!!!! :D

<font color="black"> it made the low and mid-range power like my brother's yzf, but was easier to ride because instead of a instant "hit" like a <font color="pink"> two-smoke, <font color="black"> it was endless roll on power.

i could pull most turns a gear higher (when i wanted to)


have the powercore 4 silencer on the way. i'll post any changes with it once i get it. i am running a stock yzf muffler right now and ride mostly mx.

just my $.02 :D

maybe this can help someone else debating next mod make a decision.

<font color="orange"> racer36

Many of us have been runing that combination for 2 years now...It's even better on a WR that has been YZ timed...

Bonzai :)

yea, i know other people have been using it. i'm not claiming to have invented it or nothin. just putting in my opinion of the set-up for anyone looking for another (new) opinion.

may yz-time eventually, but for now, with the addition of the header (and soon muffler) i think i got the desired power output i was looking for.

one quick question. will the stock yzf exhaust clamp work on the powercore 4? i bought my system used, and its supposed to arrive today. wanted to use it this weekend, but seller (person selling, not basement :)) forgot to include exhaust clamp when packing up for shipping and is shipping it out today.


racer36 :D

I just finished putting on my power bomb header less than ten minutes ago. Glad to see it worked for you, can't wait to get mine out this weekend. I'm yz timed with a powercore4 and it already has alot more torque than stock. Can't wait to see what happens now.

OK, if I understand correctly, the powerbomb header will connect to the stock WR silencer? If thats the case I am gonna sent my GYTR back that is on its way. Sounds like you guys are getting good results. BTW, any jetting probs encountered?

I love my new FMF stainless steel Powerbomb SX. It is quieter, smoother overall, provides more grunt, more roll-on power and peak power. I did have to switch to a #178 MFJ from a #172, although temperatures are now cooler and I had also recently installed my new Power Now Valve...

I now plan to shorten my canadian muffler 4" and replace the 7/8" outlet with a 1" pipe this winter...

Just came back from my test ride the the new header. I didn't really feel an big differences. A little more power on the bottom and it felt like it rev'd abit higgher in each gear. I noticed a bigger improvement when I went from wr to yz timing. I also have a powercore4 and it revs out a bit more than stock.

got my powercore IV on friday and raed with it saturday and practiced mx on it sunday. needed no jetting change, and it ran better(cleaner, more spotless, whatever) than with stock yzf header and muffler on my wr. i think i was a little rich before (suspected it before, too, but ran fine, so never bothered it)

awesome power. big bottom chug factor, huge midrange punch, and decent top. barks a lot better, too sounds very cool :D:D(and no louder than my brother's YZ400 with a stock system.) :D

* he just ordered a fmf T4 for his bike... Lordy-Lordy,... it was loud enuff already. can't wait to hear it now. thing is he ordered it for COSMETICS :D (<$275!!!)cuz he wanted a silencer that looked cooler :),and he thinks the round t4 looks better than the stocker.... hope he releizes that performance will come with pipe....

so in conclusion, i have reached the power output i want (after riding my bro's yzf) and still have stock wr timing.

5-star set-up. can't go wrong with fmf powerbomb/powercore combo.

my $.02

racer36 :D

178!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. have you not read any of taffy's post about jetting. i went to his specs but 10 up on the main and the thing ripps. i had a 178 in before. look up what he has done, trust me you won't be sorry.


to: Parx_400

So what jetting are you running now and where are you located?

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