Dirt Bagz frames

Can anyone here that uses these saddle bags post a photo of the frames that come with the bags. Hopefully of them mounted on the bike without the bags covering them.

I've looked as best I can but I can't seem to locate a photo of the frames themselves. My concern is that they are to light.

I've read where a lot of you guys are running these bags.

Can any of you either snap some photos or at least comment on their quality and strength.

My brother has a set of these on his Husky, and a number of his buddies use them on various Suzuki & KTM's. They are all very pleased with the Bagz.

The frame acts as a "stand-off" and a lower mount/strapping point for the bags. They don't support the weight of whatever you've got packed int he bags themselves. That's done by a couple of straps that cross over the top of the bike/seat/fender area. Then there's a couple of straps on the bottom of the bags that cinch the bags close to the frame to keep them from flopping around. - As I mentioned the frame doesn't support any of the weight of the bags like a typical "street" pannier design. HOWEVER - because of how the weight is supported, for the XR650R, the little sub-frame they sell in the accessory section is a must have. If you had some sort of rack on the back ala Pro-moto billet or simular, you could probably get away without the sub-frame.

I don't have a a set on my bike, but if I start doing multi-day rides, rather than "simple" overnighters - I'm getting a set. In fact I just got the sub-frame in anticipation of buying some in the future if Santa doesn't bring me some for Christmas.

They are far & away the best thing I've seen in person.

That's the kind of feedback I was looking for.

Thanks for taking the time to help out, it's very much appreciated!


I've been looking for the same, guy just put some up on ADV with pretty good pics of the frames. It's on a DR but I guess the XRL would be similar.


I've been thinking about the ebay racks, but looks like you can't get to the air filter without unbolting the rack. Happy trails racks are more that I want to spend. I was just on the dirtbagz site and you can buy just the frames themselves, around $110 and $85 for the ebay ones. :thumbsup:

But as you say, it looks like removing the side cover to get to the battery and air filter would be a hassle.

For the price, I like the bags and frame together. Thanks for posting those photos. They're made better than I expected.

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