kick starter broke!

Started the bike to warm up and it die, started it again using the decom. to clear it and then gave it a kick to start and the lever didnt return! I heard or felt something when I kicked it but now it doenst return.

Any ideas before I open the side. I was looking at the manual and I guess I need to remove the clutch plate/housing.

Maybe it is the kick starter spindle assembly?


I did that a while it's the kick starter return spring. The spring was like 10 bucks and i needed a little plastic ring gear like thing. I had to pull the clutch to get to it. Just follow the manual and it takes a couple hours.

thanks, I took the side off and pull the gear/spindle out, without taking the clutch off. Then I pulled out the rest of the spring. It is broken. But am thinking putting it back in without taking out the clutch isnt going to work. If it does, I'll be lucky.

thanks for the reply.

just as a side note, I bought this bike a month or so ago and havent riden it yet but found the screen that is inside, free from dirt!

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