E-Series pipe question for a WR400

I just bought a 1999 WR400f and it came with a White Brothers E-series pipe, I want to run an enduro here in Michigan next weekend but will be tested for sound levels, does anyone know what the decibles are for this pipe on this bike?

I went to www.whitebrothers.com but there was no sound level info I could find and they don't accept emails.



:D LOUD, if you do a search on noise level's someone posted various db's for pipes just recently, but I can tell you , I don't think the E will pass :)

You can remove disc to quiet the pipe or order a quiet core, of course you'll probably have to re-jet. I would think any more than 8 discs would be to loud.

I ran a GNCC last year with 12 discs :D and did not get bounced. Course I think the rain at Tech, might have had something to do with it :)



Where is there an enduro in Mich next weekend. I don't have that on any schedual that I have seen.

I too have never been bounced from a race with my E-Series and 12 disks. I race MX, Hare Scrambles and GNCC's. It could just be an east coast thing as I have seen many stories here about folks being bounced in CA.

Bonzai :)

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