new DR.D pipe, I need jets?

I can't seem to find the wr jetting sticky that I saw a few months ago... I finally broke down and bought a slip on DR.D pipe for my '06...need the extra POWER!

....Question...I did the mods..Air box, grey wire, AIS, and installed a YZ needle. Can I run it this way with the new pipe without damaging the motor? Or do I need to change the main jet and maybe the others? Elevation aprox. 2,000-3,000 ft.. So. cal desert........thanks..

To Re-jet, or Not to Re-jet, that is the question!

From above...

  • You just took delivery and did ALL the free mods...the bikes come lean from the factory and free mods make it worse.
  • You just put on a new exhaust system
  • You just installed a new carb
  • You just rebuilt the top end/had a big bore installed
  • You've changed average riding elevation by 4,000' or more
  • The temperature average has increased/decreased by 20 degrees
  • Whenever you have an environmental/mechanical change that significantly effects the air density or the air/fuel requirements of your engine.



if i was you and this is what i did when i did my dr.d slip on....i would install a 40 leak jet/do the o-ring mod / and if you havent already change the pilot jet go to a 48 and for the main do a 165...this is what im running for the so cal desert and i have no bog and no back fire. bike runs great

I think a 165 main may be a little low. I run a 168 all the time, and I'm at 4800' ASL...SC

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