throttle stop cut

Just purchased 2000 WR400 and love it. Throttle stop has been cut. Throttle grip from closed to full open turns to far, need big overgrip to let it go full open. Is there aftermarket or other suggestion to shorten the grip range?

A quick fix is to rotate the whole throttle assembly foreword. Just loosen the two screws that hold the throttle on and rotate it foreword, then tighten it back up. The only thing that might get in your way is the break reservoir. I don't know on the 2000 WR but on the 01's you can adjust the cables as well.

Are you sure you don't mean a 2000 WR426 ?

Bonzai :)

Nope, 2000 WR 400F

IN 2000 they made the YZ426 and the WR400 in 01 they were both the four two six

Yamakaze... you truly should have known.

(my Mr. Know-it-all impersonation)

BTW: Love the pic! You look like your ready to hand out a a$$ whoopin'! :)

Kieth I have your jersey

Shall I burn it :)

Pee On it :D

Or let me Cat Poop Eating Dowg have it :D

So whats the verdict on your WR?

What broke

What is it with dogs and kitty "granola bars" anyway...? And he'll come straight to you to give a good face-lickin' afterwards..! :)

And, YEAH!, Yamakaze is one serious looking dude! Bet he could ride his "rice burner" up to any biker bar around and have them buy his beers...(They DO dig the awesome Thumper sound of these weenie 400's). Wouldn't want on his bad side...or in between him and the checkered flag either!! :D "Old age and INTIMIDATION will overcome youth and skill any day!" :D

E.G.O.: What kind of tires are you running? Mine wash out real bad any time I try a corner like that... :D

Bit cheeky have you seen YAMKAZE's pic??

In 00 it was a WR400. Yamaha increased the displacement (426) of the YZ but the WR until 01.


Your comment about "They DO dig the awesome Thumper sound of these weenie 400's" Is true the other day I was getting gas and three Harley dudes pulled in. They were just hanging out and stretching, and when I fired up the old bike one of them came over and asked me what size bike it was. When I told him 426 he looked shocked. He said cool I thought it was bigger, and he likes'em loud :) no problem there. Of course I had to wheelie down the street. I saw them when I was ridding back into town from my ride nothing but respect for the 426. :D :D

ah but the europe and aussie models they still make the 400 and the 426. Aint that right?

Chain drive,

slicks I am an x road racer so I tend to lean real far over using my hand and knee as balance...Notice I am still on the gas

I taught Roberts that trick

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