oil filters so expensive

just wondering if anyone else thought the same thing.. just bought a new one for my 04 model that i recently got and at the local dealer they are $20, i looked at a place in Sydney( fairly far away) called ballards and they are $9.50 each. so much difference.. and the one bought at the local dealer was just a normal paper non reusable one. anyone else found they are expensive. do any buy in bulk. at ballards they are $75 for 10 which is alot cheaper..

thanks will

Buy a Scott's stainless steel filter and never buy another one. 10 oil changes and you have it paid for, unless you keep buying the $20 ones and then you only have to do 2.5 oil chainges to pay for the ss filter. Hope this helps,


hiflofiltro.......3 bucks each

thanks fellas

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