Shovels with Ears!!

Yep! Thats what all the aluminum skid-plates look like. There has to be somebody out there that makes a better conforming aluminum skid-plate. Back in my old XR600R days, there was a company that made a die stamped plate that gave fantastic coverage and fit like a glove.(can't remember mfg.) Any sugestions? Pictures and web sites would be helpful.



:) Shovels with ears...well you got my attention, I did wonder what you were on about!

Have you seen Gadget Racing products?? they do Sump guards, frame guards etc etc...

Not the usual..."Shovels!

I run them on my 400 also on my mates 400DRZ tractor and the fit is good and they dont look bad

here is the site, go have a look :D

Gadget Racing Products

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