Desert Tank-problem Solved

I had a post a couple of days ago about my radiator shrouds not fitting after I put an Acerbis 3.3 tank on my 03 WR 450, after a short trip to the local parts store the parts guy looked in the acerbis book and there was a note: must use YZF shrouds, so all you 03 guys if you decide to put a bigger tank on keep this in mind. Also thanks to everyone else for your input

From the FAQ sticky...

Q: I need a new/bigger gas tank! What are my options?

A: IMS, Clarke and Acerbis are the three big names for aftermarket fuel tanks. They will bump up your capacity to 3.1-3.3 gallons depending on brand, though there are both intermediate and ginormous sizes as well. Furthermore, unless you have an '05/'06, you will need to buy YZ shrouds to fit the tank, as the WR versions don't line up

It's been there the whole time :thumbsup:...SC

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