478 Big bore kit.

I'm looking for someone who has installed an Athena 478 big bore kit. I have an 06 that I am going through which needs a new top end and was wondering what kind of unit the Athena was as far as fit, finish and reliability. I ride mostly in the forest with an occasional trip to the local m-x track and am looking for the best bang for the buck. Thanks much. Crewdog

I have put one on a HoNdA and everything fit well, I uses a Wiseco Teflon coated piston ,It looks like the stock cylinder

As for that kit,It was a great fit,and quality parts

Very good performance boost with stock cams

But if I had to do another,I might try a stroker crank with stock bore

I just rode and raced my new 08 Fri. and Sat. at a local indoor race. I installed the Athena kit with HotCams, DRD pipe and ZipTy carb mod. Wow! my bike runs incredible. I have never had a 4-stroke with the instant throttle response that this bike has. I had the ZipTy mod done on my 07 and it never ran this good. I can hardly wait to get this bike to a track that I can get it out of 3rd gear. For now I will have to wait for some snow to melt. I pulled several hole shots over the weekend (I raced in 3 classes both nights) and won all but 2 moto`s in the A class. This bike just flat out hauls butt! What I will probably do next is install a flywheel weight and go 2 teeth smaller on the rear sprocket. I also have a Rekluse Pro that I plan on installing.

let us know the dirties on the rekluse pro. what is the Zip Ty mod? i guess probably the BK mod.

what is the Zip Ty mod? i guess probably the BK mod.
Hardly. There is an AP mod done as part of the package, but the big thing is that the main air circuit is modified.

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