Primary Drive Shaft Oil Seal Leaking

Got back home from a run out, about to jet wash bike, noticed oil sprayed around sprocket area on engine casing. Cleaned bike, removed chain & sprocket, removed small guard from around shaft (protecting oil seal) & found seal leaking !!

Now to replace the seal, can this be pulled without having to strip engine casing apart, because it looks like there's no lip which holds the seal from the inside.

In the manual it looks like it can be pulled from the outside, but also is there two seals to be replaced or just one.

Has anybody replaced them & any tips (& don'ts etc) of what to do, any help's needed !!


Nige :)

Hi Nige,

I have just responded to the same problem with Jaffie please see this post.


Cheers Grum, sounds like an easy fix

Nige :)

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