Yamaha OEM parts online question?

I need to view Yamaha's OEM parts on line that show Yamaha's prices. I found this link: http://http://www.yamaha-motor.com/sport/parts/home.aspxbut the prices aren't listed? I tried to create an account but I guess I created one a long time ago and can't find my key? I did the password recovery method but I haven't received the info back yet. I'm not sure if it's even possible to have them listed? I have a bunch of parts to get a quote for on my damaged case that insurance is paying for so I'm looking for the OEM prices directly from Yamaha so I can contact my insurance adjuster and provide him with the prices? Does anyone know how to get in to view prices? Oh, BTW I'm not looking for the cheapest prices if ya know what I mean? I hope I don't have to contact the local idiots here in town and beg them to provide me with prices on about 50 different parts :thumbsup:

I can pull up prices from a local Yamaha shop's micro fiche via the shops web site (like you did) but they are lower on line (by about 20%) compared to when I call by phone the same shop's parts department from the same store? I asked the parts department why that is and the teenager told me it's operated by a independent company?? That's good if you want the lowest price but I want the direct price from Yamaha (most likely higher) not an independent company. I know it sounds strange to want a higher price but I'm requesting an adjustment from my Insurance company to do the repair. IE: more $ in my pocket.

Have your local shop fax you a parts list with prices. They shouldn't charge you to do it.

Oh, BTW I'm not looking for the cheapest prices if ya know what I mean?

I see. Your wanting your insurance to pay the retail and when they cut a check, you'll get them online cheaper and put the rest of the money in your pocket. No wonder insurance premiums are so high. :thumbsup:

No wonder insurance premiums are so high. :thumbsup:

My insurance company is paying "Retail" and has already paid a portion of it! I wasn't told to shop around for the cheapest price (E-bay) just the Yamaha oem price from the local dealer. I found a better qualified shop to complete the work for me and it just happens to have a lower labor rate than the Yamaha shop does. They also use the Yamaha fee schedule for parts. I was told that "I could keep the labor money if I did the job myself". Just going by the book? Don't get me started about Ins. companies and how they use their $. BTW, you wouldn't happen to work for one would you?

BTW, you wouldn't happen to work for one would you?

No, I don't work for any insurance companies....LOL.

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