winter comming what to do???

What do you folks do to your bikes for winter ridding, jetting changes? Different oil? Ect... Here in CO winter seems to be upon us. 5+ inches of snow on some of my favorite trails :). My bike seems to be running a little rougher in the cold. Let me know what you do. :D

Here in California we just wash a little mud off and go again.

Whats Winter :)

I don't even rejet my bikes, and I live in Colorado. Do lots more riding at the MX track. Now I have only owned my WR for about 6 months so missed having it in the winter last year. Some of the guys that have had them for a few years tell me to use race gas in the winter because of the addatives in the gas here in the winter.

I am going to keep an eye on the jetting, but, I doubt I will have to adjust more than a clip position to allow for a denser air/fuel combo. I will probably even force myself to a track just to get some seat time in.


I usually go up a size or 2 on the main jet in the winter. Add some studded tires and hit the trails. Add a headlight and go single trackin in the moonlight.

Ok, **Ignorance ALERT**, colder air is denser. So this creates a leaner condition??? Am I on or off here.......

Dodger :):D

Don't do much here in Southeast Texas either. Dodger, thats a great photo. I have to get there one day.

yzman400, do you stud your own tires? I have done this for racing downhill Mountain bikes in the snow, but all you do is countersink some 1/4" screws into the knobblies from the inside of the tires and back them with a piece of old tube and some duck tape.

I have an old set of tires and I was thinking of giving it a try, any ideas on screw size? I would guess at 1/2" or 3/4".

Dodger you are correct, colder air is denser. But the question is, is it that much denser that you have to rejet for it? I never have. Most of the day time temps when I ride here in Colorado are in the are of 40-60 F. I just don't find that that is a big enough difference to rejet. Now I have always been on my 250 2 smoke also. We will see how the 400 handles it but I don't anticipate a problem.

I am interested to see how the bike performs this winter. Here in Salida we have a pretty drastic temp change form summer to winter, summer temps are Low 40's Highs 90+, and winter Lows sub-0 Highs 50+. I have already experienced my bike running rougher with morning temps in the 30's even after a long warm-up, 5+ min, but no problems riding in the afternoon. :)


Yep I stud my own tires. its pretty easy for trail ridding. I use "Gold Screws" for trail ridding as they are fairly cheap. For Ice ridding Ive been using "Kold Kutters"

For trail tires use probably 5/8-3/4 screws, whatever your knobs will allow. Put a few in each knob 2-3 per knob. Pattern dosn't really matter for trail ridding.

For ice ridding the stud pattern is critical as is the direction of the head, and the angle that you put the screw in the knob. I still havent mastered this one. I just blew $150 on a rear tire that is junk on the ice. :D

You will loose a handfull of screws every time you ride. If you wanna try to keep em in, you can use a streetbike tire as a liner. Cut the sidewalls off and fit it into the rear tire. Then use 1" screws and screw thru your knobby and into the liner. You wont loose many 1" screws. I just went to the local dealer and got a few junk front streetbike tires in different diameters and tried till I found one that fit. I think a 21" was what I used :)

The front tire dosn't loose many screws. You will probably want to use 5/8 on the front.

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