TT Fork Gurus, riddle me this.....

I have a presumably stock '00 XR600R.

This morning I decided to install my new Race Tech FRSP 3750-46 (.46 kg) fork springs.

When I took the original springs out, there was no preload spacer in the fork tubes, and the stock springs free length was 7/8" shorter than the required set length. In other words, with the fork cap unscrewed from the fork tube, but still connected to the damper rod, I had .875" of free play (slop) for the spring to bang around.

I've done a few forks in my time, but I've never seen a "free floating" spring inside a fork before.

Now get this, my heavier weight Race Tech springs are 3.875" shorter than the stock fork springs.

I needed to install a 4.750" long spacer between the spring and fork cap just to eliminate the empty gap. I also wanted to add 1.250" additional length to the preload spacer to firm up the ride a little. So I ended up using a 5.750" piece of PVC pipe plus two .125" thick washers.

Am I just naive, or is it okay for fork springs to bang around inside the forks without a spacer for compression?

And by the way, I'm gonna have to cut about an inch off my spacers. I went riding today and beat myself senseless with a set way way too stiff forks.:thumbsup:

If I'm understanding correctly, what you saw is normal. With the cap off and pulled up there is that a little less than an inch free play. With the fork cap on and screwed down, there is about 1/4 inch of preload on the spring. Well that is how it is supposed to be. Assembled the spring is not free and flopping around. It has that tiny amount of preload.

I'd try a 3.875 spacer and see how that works. Go for the same length as the stock spring.

Hate to tell you this, but eliminating the preload will not make it much softer. Give it a try, but if it is still too harsh you will need to try softer springs. I have .44 kg/mm springs in mine and they are not stiff enough. They are stock XR650L springs. The XR600 came with .39km/mm springs. The 93 and 94 XR650L came with .41kg/mm. The 95 and on 650L has .44 kg/mm springs. Take off 650L springs are an option.

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