DAVES Mod on an 06?

I just looked at the Daves Mod posting and I see its for 93-04, Has anyone done is on an 06, or did honda change the 06 carb? thanks

They are all the same 93'-08'. Maybe a little difference between CA model and non, but we are talking slightly different hose routing from the carb. That's about all I can think of. I'm sure someone else will chime in shortly.

Daves mods worked fine on my 07 , The only thing is I ordered the long main jet and there was a short one in there . Just follow the directions on the block off kit , and what I did was take the carb off and made my work bench the cumputer desk . Followed daves mods and all was good .. You will be happy when your done ...:thumbsup:

I have an '06 and did the Dave's mods, and was happy with the results over the Dyno Jet kit that I had in previously.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the responses.

Dynojet kit with Dave's Mods here, go either way you want but I assure you you'll have a completely different motorcycle!!:thumbsup:

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