XR600 Stator

I'm just about to throw a new Risky Stator in my 98' XR600 as a straight swap for the stocky stator and I just want to know when fitting, does it bolt straight in the same way the old one came out or do you have to line anything up timing wise, the engine/crank has been moved since removing the old one.

Any info is appreciated.

Mine just bolted right on. Make sure you seal it where the rubber grommet passes the wires thru the case or you'll have an oil leak. Follow the diagram for using the extra power however you want and and you're set.

It just bolts in. The timing sensor for the ignition is on the other side of the crank. The stator only makes power for the headlight and the ignition. Like daddyk said use a little silicone rubber or similar to seal the rubber grommet that has the wires.

Excellent, thanks for the info guys.

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