Who's got an XR'S only exhaust for an xr600?

I am interested in getting an exhaust for mine. Since, it has a leak in it, and it is pretty dented up. I would like to know how it sounds and how it is performance wise, like is there any gain? What about the FMF Titanium 4 & FMF Midpipes? They are about the same price, except the xr's only one is $20 more. Would I definitely have to rejet? Thanks

I just installed the FMF powerbomb header and the power core 4 on my 96 and i had a main jet of 158 went to a 170 with 4 turns out on the air screw need to go to a bigger pilot jet so i can bring the air screw back it has a white knuckle rig and will out run my buddies 650

Aftermarket header/muffler combos are a lot of money for not a whole lot of power, especially with no other engine mods. They're also not a whole lot lighter. A stock XR600 muffler with no insert is about 7.5 lbs. My WB E-Series is 5.5 lbs with 12 discs.

Since many people have already replaced their mufflers their perfectly good stocker is sitting around collecting dust in the garage and you could nab it for next to nothing.

Also, try eBay. Used parts always seem to be rather expensive there but used is still cheaper than new. The TT classifieds has aftermarket systems for the 600/650L pop up from time to time.

Did that 1993 600 that had the rear end you wanted have an aftermarket pipe?


I think so. Turns out my pipe did not have a hole in it. Someone attached that a different muffler end to the pipe. I don't really know how to explain it but it is kind of weird

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