my new XR650L

Well, I went and picked up my 2003 XRL yesterday and what a freaking great day! I decided to get my hands on a versahauler which was simple to use and held the bike securely on the way home..

It was about 35 or so by the time I got home, and I spent the rest of the afternoon ripping around getting used to the bike.. Unfortunately, I tore up our back yard a little bit because it was wet, but oh well.. I wasn't up for making the trek to somewhere good to ride which is over an hour away.

Spent the rest of the afternoon / evening hooliganing around town, getting the registration taken care of, etc.

There is a little snow on the ground today, so I might have to get it out in a while and test out those knobbys to see how they do in the snow.. :thumbsup:

My other bikes are a hayabusa and a ducati monster s4rs, and I can already tell there is going to be some serious competition in the garage!!





I think I'm falling for her.. :busted:

Congrats on your new scoot....looks like it has some extra goodies on it . Uncork that beast with "Dave's Mods", a pipe and a de-smog and your Busa and Monster will be jealous your riding that damn dirtbike all the time !


Nice buy, I am sure you are going to have lots of fun with it.

Great find! In those photos it looks brand new.

It's hard to see, but those tires look like they are 50/50 tires. If you plan on serious dirt riding, toss those and get something with more bite. I run non-DOT tires on my plated XR600, but I really don't do much pavement. If you must get DOT tires the Dunlop D606 or Pirelli MT21 are pretty good and work decent on the street. I like the D606 better in the mud. Most Pirelli fronts are DOT so you can get a good aggressive dirt front tire if you need it.

NIce bike and welcome to the great world of the bid red pig owners ...:thumbsup:

Did the PO uncork it?? Show us a pic of the other side.:thumbsup:

Welcome to the forum, you should have many years of enjoyment from that machine.

Great looking bike.Welcome to the forum.Im sure you will enjoy it as much as the rest of us

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