winter...compler engine rebuild or only inspection?


Now we have winter in Poland. I've got my 01' yzf 426 from 8 months. It was in V.good condition when I bought it. There was almost no noise from engine ,only exhaust. Now it is a little more noisy. I've made around 35 hour on it. It had engine rebuild some time ago but I don't know when. It has job number written with electric pen on cylinder head. My valve shims are 178-180. I don't know what to do with the bike in winter.

I whant to remowe cylinder head and cylinder and check them. But I don't know what to do with the bottom end.

Change my rod or only check it ?

Split the cases and change bearings or leave it ?

What points in bottom end do I have to check to have certainty that the bike will go strong for next few months?

Right now my bike is in the shop getting my case replaced due to chain failure. I went to the shop to get a briefing on the damage and was also showed some parts that had some wear and tear on them not related to the original damage that I think makes sense to replace them since the case is opened. My bike has 70 hrs on it and I change the oil every 5 hours with an air filter change every ride and I don't ride competitively. The cylinder head has scratches on the bore and is out of spec, my connecting rod has scratches around the piston pin hole (aftermarket ones have a bushing there) I also have some rounded edges off of the 5th pinion gear and was told to replace the main axle with it, the tech. recommended to replace the crank while it's already apart too? If your gonna split the case then look foreword to spending some cash for some preventative maintenance items. You'll also need to replace all 6 or so bearings, gaskets, seals,etc. The manual gives a good briefing for what to inspect on the above items too. If I didn't have this problem in the beginning then I wouldn't recommend splitting the case unless the bike starts to show some symptoms of old age. The top end is alot easier to inspect since the case doesn't have to be split. There are alot of posts on winter storage on here.

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