Will this paddle fit?

I have the opportunity to buy a Sand Snake 110/100 18-inch 8 paddle tire. Saw some guys having clearance issues with paddles and was curious if this size would be good to go. Was previously used on a CR500. I have a 650R. Thanks.

Yes, that paddle will work. The largest 560 10 paddle will work with the wheel all the way back but, if you are using the stock rear fender; once you go off a dune and get anywhere close to bottoming the paddles will rip the tail light wire and the tail light right off the fender. That is the reason I went with a 1996~2000 CR250R rear fender.

Thanks for the info. Looking forward to taking on the dunes!

Thanks for the info. Looking forward to taking on the dunes!

Be careful out there! Dunes can be deceptively dangerous...esp on a big 650 :thumbsup:

Remove the white mud flap also or it will get trashed... or at the least it will make a bunch of noise.

If the mud guard is getting hit you are running the tire to far forward and need to chang sprockets or chain length. You need the mud guard or a shock sock to stop the sand from pitting the shock rod. I run a shock sock.

Paddle tire choices, gearing, chain lengths,..so much to tell.

The clearance issues that occur, for the most part, basicly stem from not getting the rear axle/wheel placement far enough back. Paddles are considerably taller than knobbies.

A two tooth smaller rear sprocket or a two link longer chain with stock gearing is what is needed to accomplish this, especially if you keep the mudflap on the bike, (Read further on). But also, two teeth less on a sprocket or two links more on the chain is the maximum on the XR650R. It will set the wheel as far back as can be had while still having adjustment left over. Any more than that and there is no adjustment left to get the chain adjusted correctly. It will be way too loose.

There are a couple or few of us that use Shock Wears shock covers and remove the mudflap for the dunes. With this setup you *might* be able to get away with only going 1 tooth smaller than stock on the rear sprocket and a stock chain with a 110/100 8 paddle or 120/100 10 paddle Sandsnake paddle. I have gotten away with running 14/49 with a 112 link chain with some pretty fast riding without the paddles hitting/rubbing on the swingarm. But I also have used 15/48 gearing but accidentally had my tire aired up to 25PSI and did a long wide open top speed run and the paddles had started hitting/rubbing the swingarm. The natural high speed tire expansion in combination with too much tire pressure, together, might have been why this happened but I can't say for sure. I haven't tried the 15/48 gearing again since I felt it was too tall anyway and I didn't like the 14/49 since I thought it was too low, (more on that below).

With the huge Cheng Shin 5.60 sized carcuss 10 paddle, it is a MUST to use either a two tooth smaller rear sprocket or a two link longer chain.

Onto another area; If your suspension is too soft for your weight, there is a chance that you will get the taillight wires pulled out when riding hard or doing some air time. Some time ago I had a BIG friend ride my bike when I had stock suspension and he ended up bottoming out the bike enough with my 120/100 10 paddle SandSnake at the time, to get the wires pulled out. I was too heavy myself for the stock suspension but had the compression dialed in real hard to keep from bottoming out as much or as easy with my weight and hadn't had the wires pulled out yet until he rode it. I could have just been a little lucky up to that point from the way I was riding but then again he did outweigh me by a big margin. My suspension has been rebuilt for my weight by BWB63 and I haven't had any troubles up to this point with the two different paddle tires I have run on the bike.

Paddle count: The 8 paddle does work but the XR650R really needs at least the 120/100 10 paddle to really shine. The 10 paddle just works better on the bike since the XR650R has so much torque. The 10 paddle is also smoother feeling than an 8 paddle.

I now personally use a custom made Skat Trak 12 paddle with Viper paddles made up from a Michelin Baja 140/80 carcuss and it works great. The shaved carcuss with vulcanized paddles is lighter than a molded tire. They are pricey to have made up though. The standard 10 paddle works good, so there is no unnessessary need to go all out for a custom 12 paddle unless you want a different kind of performance and feel depending on what you are after or what you like.

With the 12 paddle, my gearing selection preference at this point is different than with the 10. With the SandSnake 10 paddle, it is good with 14/46 gearing. With the Skat Trak Viper 12 paddle I am thinking it is better with stock 14/48 gearing because of the added traction load from the more aggressive & additional paddles. That is my current thought at this point.

I use a two link longer chain to accomodate the stock gearing. I have also used 14/49 gearing in the dunes and didn't like it. First gear felt too low and I felt the spread between 1st-3rd was too closed up.

If you use the 8 paddle, 14/46 gearing should work very well. I think you would want the taller gearing to get the little 8 paddle spinning faster and more effective in getting the big XR650R going. The taller gearing should also help keep the XR650R from revving so much with only 8 paddles to spin with all that power.

Paddle tire choices, gearing, chain lengths,..so much to tell.


Rich, we are going to Dumont the weekend before CHRISTmas. Want to go? Last ride for my 680 before I rip it apart and do a major rebiuld. Looks like a 2008 TE510 to fill in till I am done.

You beat me to the punch by making an anouncement of planning a dune trip. I would love to make it down but I am currently working on possible plans to be down south from Christmas to New Years and that's pushing it. I was hoping to meet with my friend Dave's family from the 26th - 1st at Glamis. Being down there longer by including the previous weekend at Dumont, I just don't know. If you and Jay could swing Glamis between the 26th/27th - New Years, that would be cool.


did you have to mod the cr fender to fit it on your R

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