hey banffboy

Hey i wish i could have gone. But with it being easter and all i have to do family stuff. But i hear you are coning in FEB so i will try to make that one. I bought my fiance a bike so i am in the process of teaching. Tyrel called me last night when he got home. He said it was awesome. Some slippery spots in the trees but they did have a blast. And how about sean getting engaged finally. What has he been with the girl for 8 years. Talk to you later.


Ya Dude good time had by all. We are planning a big ride around the July long weekend. You have to pack gas on this one and we will have a half way gas stop also. Tyrel and Sean are going to try and make that one. Hook up if you can. I f not we will be down in the Fall(mid Oct).


Canada. Dutch Creek area. About 5.5 hrs from you

where will this one be at. in canada or in the states?

thanks Chuck


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