but how much is enough xrl hp?

Hey Guys, I have been working on my xr650l again and trying to fine tune for just the right amount of power and torque. As much as I can get. So far I have de smoged, fmf pipe and exhaust, dynojet carb tuning, desnorkled, and went did the gear change to 14/ 48. Its really fun to ride now, but I still want more. I have read on some threads that even with the dynojet kit I should still drill out my slide. Will that really help? Anyone tried this.

Bike wheelies first no problem, and with a wack of the throtle seccond, and on a hill and with a good yank and throtle stab it will some times come up in third. I want more though. Im i going to have to swap my piston and cam? What kind of wheelie potential will I have with that, and how about the carb tuning for those mods? I only use the wheelie reference to explain my seat of the pants dyno, I know there is more to life than wheelies but it does keep the milage down. I know you xrr people are laughing at me.

Oh by the way I put on one of the ebay front fork braces and a lowering link for 1.5 drop, and damn does it hanldle better. The front end was so heavy before in the dirt and front end just wanted to dig in in anything deep and loose. Anyone swaped to a different front end with the non inverted forks? Was it hard?

Thanks for your help, I always appreciate your advice, and taking the time to read a poorly written strange series of questions.

I also forgot to mention that I did put on a uni filter as well. The strange thing was the bike wouldn't lift the front end with out the cluch with stock gearing untill I changed to the fmf muffler and unifilter. To be honest, I didn't notice that much difference when I did the dynojet kit, maybe i do have to drill out the slide. Please someone let me know if you have. thanks again


You will definately want to search this site for Dave's mods. Drill your slide with the 5/32 drill bit. Then place the small washer washer under you needle to effectively raise it. Grind the tab off you air mixture screw... richen the pilot if your XRL loves the choke... and increase the main jet one size just for good measure and more top end etc... Open up the top of the air box into a nice rectangular shape. I did mine with a air grinder in about 10 minutes. Same grinder made a nice groove in my air screw tab allowing the air screw to make full turns. Set it at 2 turns out for starters.

I'm a believer in the Dave's mods as my 650L THUMPS. I dropped the C.Shaft sprocket one and it pulls wheelies easily.

Good luck and find the post. It has great pics as well.


I had read once that I didn't need to put the washer in between the needle valve because the dyno jet kit did something like this with the spring they included, is that true? Also I did a ton of reserch on putting a 89/91 cr125/250/500 front end on my bike, changing out the triples and forks, anyone here tried that?

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