Tech 8 Boots and shifting

This is kind of a dumb question. I just got a new pair of Tech 8 boots. My previous pair was the cheapest Thors made. The Tech 8s are so thick I had to move my shift lever up to get my foot under it. They are also so stiff, I have to roll my heal and knee out to shift up. I can't flex my ankle up and down. I end up short shifting frequently. To shift down I have to take my foot off of the peg to get over the the shifters new position.

They advertise that, because of the boot design, there is no need to brake them in. Will these boots loosen up so I can flex my ankle up and down and shift normally?

Oh yea, they will definatly loosen up.

After about 4-5 rides, you will fell like you are walking around in tennis shoes. biggthumpup.gif

:D After my 3rd ride I had to put the shift lever back to where it was before, I also just slackened the straps to start with to help movement, but They DO break-in and get better :)

Thanks for the reply guys.

I guess I have a new pair of house slippers until they are broken in. :)

Dude thankfully someone else is experiencing the same thing I am with the Tech 8's. I have 2 rides on them have been hitting neutral often because of the lack of heel/toe movement. I was about to change the shifter position, but will wait to see if I can loosen them up. Other wise I was about to put on the old crusty MSR System 6 boots, not as comfortable but can hit 2nd when needed.

I wish my new Vectors would loosen up....Got 10 good rides on em and they are still stiff.....

They do feel good though...

Bonzai :)

I went through the same thing. I moved the shifter up when the boots were new. After a few rides, I found it necessary to put the shifter back to its original position. The lesson? Leave the shifter and keep riding! :)

I had the same thought here. Mine are kinda stiff, and Ive been working them in a bit. They are finally starting to loosen up.

I have had a brand new pair of Tech 8's for the last 2 months and only wear them for about 20% of the time at the track and never at a race yet, I'm using my old, worn, beat to crap, ones still, I figure by May (of 2003) they will be ready to ride in full time.

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