650L suspension tuneable?

Is the suspension on the 650L adjustable and tunable?

Any Mojave Desert dual sporters had their 650L suspension revalved and resprung?

Of course it is.

The fork as low speed compression adjustment. The shock had clickers for both compression and rebound.

Plenty of various springs rates are available. Lots of shops do custom valving on these components.

Realistically 650L owners are dealing with a lot of weight (sprung & unsprung) {- I am playing around a bit with this myself.} But I remember from school that "an object in motion, tends to stay in motion". My point is that an "L" is not the best choice to get very ridged with.... Just my opinion ...but riding style is best left at a relaxed pace and not to try to "R" a 650L.

The beauty of the bike is it's reliability, it's flexibility, and it's utilitarian design. I appreciate my BRP by not pushing it to be a "R". What's more, it's very costly, as the shock can go only go far and then the issue is replacement-time. Again, just an opinion but the money may be better spent in replacing tires rather than the shock.

Naw, I wouldn't try to "R" the "L," but I'd certainly want to hammer it.

It's surprising what can be done. check out race tech for starters.

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