Old fuel

Like a jackass, I let my 2000 XZ426 sit for the past 6-8 months with same gas in tank. It usually starts with less than 5 kicks (cold or not). But it did not want to start this weekend. It finally started w/choke but would not idle without choke on. I'm prayin it's only bad fuel. Is there a carb cleaner/treatment I can or should pour in the take to make sure carb is clean and working properly.

If it's something more serious like needing a valve job or valve adjustmeny, what should that cost me?

If the bike was running OK when you parked, it is unlikely that anything mechanical would be wrong with it now. Most likely, the gas has evaporated out of the float bowl leaving behind some crud which could be plugging some jets and passages. I'll bet that a carb disassembly and good cleaning will do the trick.

What does the gas smell like? If it's bad it will smell like turpentine. I don't think there is an additive to make gas good again but next time it will be sitting for a while add some Seafoam to the tank.

You may want to just empty the tank, put in fresh new high octane pump gasoline(some Sunoco's have 94 Ultra) with Stabil fuel stabilizer added, then running the bike for at least 1/2 hour but more is always best. According to the producers of Stabil, it will clean your carb plus remove any water that might have condensed inside. Also, the high octane pump gasoline contains a bunch of cleaners that will help remove some of the varnishing.

If that doesn't work then you will have to remove and clean out your carb.

If you haven't ridden your bike in 6-8 months then you should probably be adding Stabil all the time for peace of mind and it only costs around $6 to treat 10 gallons. Even with Stabil you should drain your float bowl if you are not going to run the bike at least twice a month.

Thank you. It was the fuel. I drained the old fuel, put a gallon of new gas in and it fired right up on first kick and idled after one minute of choke. Straight jackass move on my part... Thank you for info on Stabil.........Jas

i did the same thing with my 400 and went through the hassle of rebuilding the barb. when i put her back together she still didnt run. as soon as i changed the ga completely she ran great!! just empty the bowl and dump all the fuel out of the tank before you do anything else. the go from there.

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