new helmet

I'm looking to order a helmet some wher online but i'm wondering about sizes. I currently have an HJC helmet and wear a medium. Is there any other companies that run similiar to HJC in size that i could look at as well? I don't have time to get to my local dealer and anything on because of work.

I also wear HJC helmets because they fit my head shape the best. I wouldn't buy anything online unless you go to a shop first to try it out.

I can tell you that for *me*, Fox and Arai helmets fit good as well. Troy Lee, One Industries and Bell are downright painful.

I've found that you really need to try the helmets on to find a good fit. Different helmets just fit different on your head. If possible go to local shop and try on lots of them. Then if the price is that much better get the same model helmet online, same brand, same model, and same size. Otherwise you're taking a chance on fit.

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