Dunlop D773?

I'm looking into a fresh set of nobbies for the new season. I've always used the Dunlop D752s and I've liked them fairly well. I now see on Dunlop's site that they have a new D773 tire on the market. They claim it's a more tractable and a better tire in general than both the D752 and D755.

I ride in mostly sandy conditions but I see a lot of hard pack too. Michigan. :) Is it a GOOD all-around tire? How is it compared to the D752 or D755?

What's your thoughts?



[ April 01, 2002: Message edited by: teamtoxic ]

The 773 definately HOOKS UP in the Sand and mud. It is a Soft Terrain tire only though. The hard pack and rocks will wear it out in a flash. I used one in the dunes the last time I went and loved it.

Bonzai :)

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