Uk spec 05 wr450 lights

Finding an intermittent short to ground could be a tough one. You might just have to check out the entire section of wire harness, and maybe just wrap some insulation tape as you go and visually check for all tight spots and rub spots. At least the harness is pretty easy to get to, compared to something like a car!

If your meter has a beeper on it for checking ohms you'd might clip the meter leads to those points to check, then turn the handlebars and bounce around on the bike and see what happens?

I still havent managed to solve this problem!!!!!!!

My front light has stopped working completly now, I have got the new voltage regulator on and i have done the checks stated in the manual, I get no resistance when i check ther magneto but i get perfect charge to the battery and the tail light / brake light works fine. When i check the voltage on the regulaor i get about 3v and I also get around 3v at the lighting plugs.

Has anybody ever inspected the magneto on their bike? I dont see how it can be causing a lighting problem if its still charging the battery perfectly as surely the whole electrical system would have issues if the magneto was broken????

Any ideas?



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