SoCal mid-week riders, Lets go for a ride

Looking for a ride on wed. or thurs. Gorman or ??Anybody up for it??SoCal

with a bit of notice I can pull it off...but not for a couple of weeks..

Gorman on Wed. sounds good to me. Had plans to ride in Big Bear but fire danger has closed all forest access.

Where do you want to meet? I'm way South of Gorman in Orange County.

Zak, How about lower scrub oak campground at 9am?I'll be in a medium grey Chevy 4X4 Z71

I also was planning a big bear or pinnacles ride tommorow. now that those plans are shot I was thinking of just going up to stoddard wells for a couple of hours in the am. I have to be home by 3pm so gorman is probably out for me. have fun.

Zak,I need to hear from you to confirm that you are going. (or anybody else that wants to go) Otherwise I won't be going. I'm a firm believer in the buddy system. Hate to miss you or anybody else on a miscomunication. I sent my ph#'s on you regular email.SoCal

Gentlemen, I heard a rumor that the Gorman Hungry Valley area is close due to it being a fire hazard (temporary). I could be wrong on this one but you might put a call in before you drive a long way.

SoCal, I do miss those days of mid week rides. Unfortunately, I'm even further from Gorman now that I moved to San Diego and I can't do mid week rides because I have one of those Monday through Friday jobs. Have fun, Eric

Dan,I just searched the state website with nothing being mentioned. Thanks for the heads-up, But if somebody has info I sure would like to see it posted for all. At this point it's not looking so good as I haven't had any confirmations and I won't ride alone. It alway's seem's that's when bad juju happen's :shocked:SoCal

Gorman was open over the weekend. The national forest was closed. The place was a zoo people everywhere :) all up and down the road in between campsites it was a mess.


I rode Gorman on Saturday, it was open. Pyramid Lake was closed though. Some of the trails have been fenced off though. Probably for regrowth, they like to do that every now and again. I didn't think the crowd was to bad, I try to hit it every other weekend. Last few weeks have been empty, I usually enter of Smokey Bear Rd and go to the first campsite.

I rode out of the first campsite from the smokey bear entrance last saturday and it was great. cool in the morning but a bit dusty. rode from 7-11 and bailed after it got crowded and warmed up.

Its supposed to cool down this weekend..

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