05 450 sprocket size


I know I probably could have just searched this, but i`m just too lazy now. Well, I spend most of my time on Mx tracks, and now I have 14/45 sprockets on. But the thing is I usually just get to use the 3 first gears, and I was thinking of going with 14/49 sprockets. Does this sound like a god idea too you?

Oh, and I hate snow:banghead:

What's the problem with the first 3 gears? You still have one more...

14/45 is impractically high gearing with any big YZF I can think of. I know you're feeling lazy and all that, but how about working up the energy to tell us what year/model you're talking about?

And the snow? It's not my fault.

I think his title says 05 450

was stock 13/49?

I would go 13/47......this is my gearing on my 03

I think his title says 05 450

Yeah, you're right. Multi-tasking again. :thumbsup:

In that case, 14/45 is hugely taller than stock (14/51). The '05 has taller primary gearing than your '03, and the difference is almost exactly one tooth at the front. He would need to run a 13/50 to match yours.

But I have run my '03 4 speed with both a 14/49 and a 15/49, and on an '05, this would be like a 13/49 and a 14/49, respectively. 14/49 will still be a little on the big side, but much more usable than what you now have.

Thanks for the answers..

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