Excel rims

I have slight bends in both my front and rear rims on my '05 WR, I assume from hitting rocks etc. Can these rims be straightened, and if so where should I go? I found the spokes to be loose around one of the dings. Did they bend due to improper spoke tension, or did the ding cause the spokes to loosen? How do I prevent this from happening again? Thanks

I have the same situation going on....

I'm thinking of buying new spokes and rim from TToem and having a shop lace them up for me using the original hub? This should only cost 200$ + shop labor.

What are the other options? Where do you buy a complete excel wheel?

To answer your question.......Yes, if you do not keep your spokes tight they will cause your rim to be screwed up. I have brought a wheel into a local shop and was told that it's not worth it to try to get it back to true. Better off buying a new one. Keep your spokes tight all the time. You can probably save it by taking it to a shop?

Mine is so bad I just want a new Excel wheel.....

They are not like a bicycle the rim is too stiff to be pulled back into shape by the spokes.

Your only hope is to check and tighten your new spokes on your new rim so that the new rim will live a long happy life.

Check them every ride for the first three rides then check them periodically after that.

How do you know when they are tight enough? Is just snugging thum up so they all at about the same tension good enough?

Thats how I do it........Just make sure none of them wiggle around. Ofcourse the perfectionist will say do every-other spoke first then switch to the next ones or some sort of order otherwise you can actually tighten it out of alignment:eek:

I am sure that I tighten my spokes too much. That being said if you are made of $$$ you can get a Motion Pro or Faast Spoke Torque wrench with multiple heads (open end wrench sizes) but expect to pay around $200.00

I will be sticking with the caveman method since I would rather have new tires.

Put a drop of lube on the spoke treads/ nipple this will allow the nipple to spin free (for a while) eventully the nipple will seize with rust and dirt. When this happens the spoke will just twist making it difficult to maintain and impossible to get a good torque reading.

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