Silencer choices....

Ok, anyone know what aftermarket silencers will fit on a 2000 WR400F - judging from the OEM diagrams, the headpipe looks identical from 98 to 2007 - the part number is "almost" the same - the long number seems to stay constant, the prefix seems to change yearly, if that doesn't change yearly, it's the first suffix that changes - this is making me think the Headpipe is the same across the board.

As for the silencer, 98 to 2003 (which includes 400, 426 and 450's), the can seems to be identical on all, they have changed inserts along the way by the looks of it, BUT the number, once again doesn't change except for the prefix.

2004 and up seems to have changed in the look of the can - probably still the same specs as the 03 though....

I can't see physical fit being a problem here, as for backpressure etc - would there be any sort of change - it seems that you can buy multiple inserts/baffles for most aftermarket pipes and that would mess with all those specs anyways...

SOOO, anyone know for sure whether a 2003 450 silencer would work on a 2000 would certainly open things up on Ebay for choices seeing there's almost nothing for 2000's yet a boatload of stuff for the newer bikes...


i would be pretty sure that things probably changed when yamaha went to a alum. subframe. i would really like to know also. a ti q-4 would be really nice. i can only guess that as the silencers have gotten shorter and more tucked in, the head pipes have probably gotten longer or larger in diameter.

Great question, I just bought a 1998 WR 400 and want to get a new silencer for it, anyone have any recommendations??



FMF Q2 is probably the best choice fort the bike. I have a 01 and I wish there was something shorter yet somewhat quiet. I use the first version FMF Q and probably one more good crash and I'll be in the market for a new one also. I saw a FMF Q2 on ebay (new) for like 150 or close to it. Fits 98-02.

Get a FMF Q easy fit not real expensive flows good and its quiet.

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