What is a plated 07 WR450 worth

I need a little insight as to what an 07 WR450 with a plate worth. The bike is plated with no turn signles, AIS removed, FMF slip-on, jetted spot on, also has bark busters on. The bike has about 400mi on it. This is at a Local delership, so what do you think it's worth?

I would say like 6000-6500 or so.I'd of paid more not to have to deal with penndot . is it done well or is it kind of hacked ? what is the over all condition? there is one on e-bay in Az. for like 6500 It is like new. I would not sell my 07 wr450 plated for 8000 so it is kind of like what all is done to a bike mine has 350 miles right now and I've put on all kinds of stuff.



Do you Know how much fun a wr450 is downtown?

Tweav condition wise it is as new. Thats the price range i was thinking, just wanted a little feed back to see. thanks. By the way nice looking bike you have.:thumbsup:

In June 07, I paid 5800 plus tax for mine (new). Street legal kit w/o blinkers was about $150, so it sounds like he has about $500.00 invested.

What is it worth to you to have a bike that is ready to go with a few miles on it? With the 08s out, I would think that you could buy a new 07 for around $5300.00 and put the extras on yourself.

Hope this provides some sort of base for you to make your decision.

Take Care,


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