Oil seal

Can anyone tell me how i change the oil seal thats behind the little chain sprocket on the engine?

I noticed some oil leaking on my chain so i think it's up for replacement.


It is an easy fix. The part sells for cheap through Yamaha but if you can get the seal code I'm sure you could order it for half that through a bearing supply.

1. Remove 32mm sprocket nut, sprocket and washer.

2. Remove small metal cover over output shaft.

3. Using a fish hook, needle nose plies etc. dig that sucker out of the case.

4. Remove all grit from seal space within the case.

5. Using a similarly sized socket matched to the OD of the seal, carefully drive the new seal in place.

Hope that helps it is a simple job.



If you get the code NAPA auto parts should have it for about half the cost.

I got my seal for my street bike from NAPA, so they probably have the one you need.


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