best off road yz 450 exhaust system

I'm currently running a DRD Exhaust system on my 07 yz450 with a quiet Insert. ( I ride hare Srambles and need to be @ 96 db) According to DRD this insert should not reduce performance -- wrong

this bike runs so much better without the insert .

I am considering getting a different system . Does anyone have any suggestions on what pipe would work best. Remem:ride: ber I need a spark arrester and 96 db. Thanks :thumbsup:

What does the Dr.D run with just the spark arrestor?

if you get rid of the exahust sell it to me... lol.. if you want a mellow sound then try an fmf q series. they have a variety in diffrenent metals. and all rated below 96dbs.

Have you tried jetting specifically for the insert? If you rejetted much richer than stock with the DRD pipe open, it may just be way too fat to run right with the insert in place.

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