426 valve retainer question

I'm installing new intake valves in my 01 yz 426. after doing some research through some old forums i decided to use the stainless valves from the 2000 year model because of the price difference. i got the heavier springs for the 2000 ss valves also, but when i put the old valve spring retainer in the spring for the ss valves i noticed that the ss valve springs were slightly larger diameter. i looked up the part number and the 2000 and 2001 models list the same part number for the intake valve retainers. i was wondering if any one else has run across or noticed this. i dont believe it will be a problem i put the head back together and every thing looks fine (havent run it yet) but on the other hand i would really rather not drop a valve :thumbsup: . if any one has any advice i would appreiciate it

It isn't that unusual for the spring to overhang the edge of the retainers. More important is how well the ID of the spring fits the step on the retainer and how much the spring can move on the bottom. If at least half the width of the spring wire is always supported, it should not be a problem. As you say, the same part is used in both setups.

Thanks im gonna finishing putting it together now. i just wanted to get a second opinion first.

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