Help me pick a place to live!!!! please :thumbsup:

I've been following this thread from the begining. Looking at all of the pics from all who posted, actively on TT almost every day from the time I became a member, looking at everyones pics of bikes, homestates, scenery from where they ride and all, it really makes me want to hit all of those places, someday I will!!. Being in NY, I'm sure you have hit a few nice places to ride in the mountains out that way. I have been fortunate enough to live in quite a few places in this country, as well as other countries, for short periods of time anyway, and maybe cause this is my homestate, I am biased towards it, but the mountains out here are among the best I have experienced anywhere. I'm not just talking here in WV, but almost anywhere east of the Big River anywhere......WV does have a weak economy, I know, I am fortunate enough to have a well paying job to survive here, but to look at places to ride and beauty everywhere, this is it. The smells in the spring as you plow down old fire roads, where no one cares if you are there or not....over to one of the largest network of trails anywhere, on the Hatfield/Mcoy fire roads deep within some of the remotest mountain valleys you can find really never ends in terms of outdoor you can find in just about any other state in this awesome country. If you are an adventurist by nature, you will be happy I too will probably be moving on in a few years to experience life elsewhere. I know one thing......I will be on the XR, and I will be watching for every sunset, praying I will see it rise again over the mountains the next's nice to see how everone loves where they live and why.....I am around people all day that are not happy, and will not be happy anywhere you put them.....for those people, a motorcycle will be good therapy, and possibly thin out the population a little!!! Where ever you end up.........don't ever stop riding.

I'm up in northern NM, Los Alamos about 100 miles NW of Albuquerque. Town ~ 18000 people, Elevation ~ 7400 ft , ride between 5500 ft and 12000 ft in Jemez Mtns, Sangre de Cristo Mtns, and high desert area NW of Albuquerque. The Jemez are literally outside my back door :cool:


Where exactly are you? I'm going to be moving back down to texas in the summer (when school ends) and then were going to aggressively look around... so when I'm back in that neck of the woods, I'll definitely try and take you up on that offer! thanks!


what part of texas are you moving to?? i have friends in san antonio and austin, all with bikes and quads. check into the cherokee park, it looks pretty fun, also there are alot of national forests that you can still ride and camp in, such as sam houston national forest outside of conroe. if you are looking for places to ride you really need to checkout the Texas Offroad Network forums. tons of information and all kinds of people to hook up with to go ride, hell they have all sorts of bike and atv riding clubs you can join.

Since you ride a plated xr650r look no further,Reno,Tahoe,Carson City,Gardnerville,Nevada.As good as gets at least for now although as more Cali's move here our area is changing as most are.No offence Cali dirt bikers you are welcome just leave the liberal tree huggers with you that move here and try to tell us how we should live.

You don't have to hold back Dirtrider! :cry:

Stay out of the Southeast, Maroast, unless you only want to hunt. Hunters have leased/taken-over every square foot of land that isn't worth farming (both private and public) - and they HATE 2-wheelers. :banghead: (Every run-down dilapidated shack has a pack of vicious dogs and a couple of $10,000.00 quads on the porch though :applause:.) Nothing but steel gates, barbed wire, posted signs, and black powder here. :foul: I have to endure 75 miles of interstates and highways (one way) to ride on 1500 acres of leased land. We have to "pose" as a hunting club to keep it too. :)

I figure I spend a good amount of time in this forum and really like all of you guys… so I’m just asking for some input from everyone around the country.

I’m graduating from nursing school in a few months…so finding employment is the absolute least of my worries in choosing a new place to live. Employment for my girl isn’t really an issue either.

Top of our list right now is Portland OR, and Denver/Boulder CO. Were both from NY (city area) and have been living in TX for the past 3+. We really like the weather in TX, but the riding sucks, and so does Dallas. I’ve spent a month in Portland and really liked it….been all through CO and really liked that place too… But I have to say that we are really into the warm (and dry) weather!

I’m looking for a state/ city that’s got good dirt biking/ MTBing very close by…. Hunting, fishing…and all that other good stuff.

We haven’t looked to California at all…to be totally honest, from reading stuff on this forum, I’m kinda scared of Cali… it looks like regulations are getting really tight out there and they break your balls over everything…not to mention its expensive as hell. Is my view of Cali wrong?!?!?! For the people who live there, do you recommend it as a place to move??? Or are you not very happy with your state.

So, if people could quickly chime in and say whether they like their city or not…and would recommend it as a place to live….it would be a huge help!!


so where did you move to?

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