3 Best Aftermarket Mods!

Just had to give a report after my weekends test ride. These three mods have completely changed my bike.

Performance Part($400): Dubach Pipe! I replaced the 12 disc E-series and the bike, although louder (need ear plugs), is much snappier. This will take some getting used to as it can be a liability in the woods.

Handling: GPR Damper($320). Felt significantly more stable at higher speeds, and did a good job in the ruts, rocks preventing deflection.

Ergos: Fastway Lowboy footpegs($89). Although you can do this mod for free, the wider platform (nearly twice as wide) offered all day comfort. At 6'3" it made standing much more comfortable. I think a taller seat foam will make life a little nicer as well.

Happy trails.

So you replaced the 12 disc E series and the whole bike, must have really made a huge difference.

I am assuming its an 4/1 jest

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