XR 650L Carb problems

Hello to all! I have ran into a problem trying to open up my 97' 650L. I decided to remove the smog crap and perform Dave's mods to my carb at the same time. My bike ran perfect before the modding began, but now not so much. I removed the snorkle, replaced the air filter with a UNI, jetted the carb with 58 pilot, 158 main, drilled the slide to 5/32 and shimmed the needle with a .025 shim. I think my bike is a California model, because it has the evap canister, charcoal canister and the other vacuum thing along with the air pump. I bought an IMS removal kit and removed everything but the charcoal canister. I basically did everything in accordance to this http://www.4strokes.com/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=16361

So I put everything back together and now the bike bairly runs. It is running so rich that it wont idle. I checked the float and it seems to be ok ie not overflowing. I checked the choke and it too seems ok. However, when i turn the gas off while its running, it smothes out nicely right before it runs out of fuel. It seems to run like the choke is all the way on without it being on if that makes sense. Anybody have any ideas on what the problem could be. I did find a small brass peice that looks like it presses in the front of the carb body next to the float bowl mount bolt but I am not sure. I replaced the 58 pilot with the stock 52 and it ran the same. :thumbsup: Please help!!


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